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The Ultimate Microdermabrasion Facial 75 min $100

Our ultimate microdermabrasion treatment utilizes a precise blast of fine mineral crystals to deeply exfoliate and refine the skin’s surface. Brown spots, fine lines, and even light scarring can be diminished with a series of treatments.



Pumpkin peel Facial 75 min $90

pumpkin_peel_facialA powerful keratolytic and antioxidant therapy that brightens and rejuvenates the skin. Salicylic acid loosens and clears away dead surface cells while the rich nutrient content in this treatment infuses the skin with high levels of vitamins C and A, an antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental damage. This combination is essential to strengthen the collagen matrix that supports healthy, younger looking skin.

Professional Peeling Treatment 75 min $90

proffecional_peelingEnjoy a gentle yet effective dual-action skin exfoliation, to reveal a softer, clearer complexion using an active combination of glycolic & salicylic acid that lifts away dead surface cells, renews skin cells and creates a smoother complexion.


European Facial 60 min $75

european_facial200x250Helps maintain a healthy complexion incorporating European methods. A melody of nature’s best: grapefruit, aloe vera or honey extract cleanses the skin. A gentle exfoliation brings instant radiance to the skin. Thereafter, a customized ampoule, a relaxing facial massage and mask treatment, rejuvenates and illuminates the complexion.



Hydroptimale – Ultra Hydration Facial 60 min $75

HydroptimaleOptimize your skin’s natural moisture balance with a combination of moisturizing blends and the activation of vital energy that leave the skin completely revitalized; a double layered mask lifts off to reveal a softer, more supple complexion, and a Sothys “signature massage” created for ultimate pampering


Acne Cleansing Facial 60 min $70

facial_cleansing_thumbThis treatment is excellent for skin prone to break-outs, and those who battle adult or teen acne. It targets current blemishes by fighting the bacteria in your pores, and prevents future breakouts.




Active Contour Eye Treatment 30 min $40

eye_contour2This calming, anti-aging and revitalizing treatment uses special blends of ginseng, cornflower and chamomile to reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles and create an overall feeling of relaxation.
Call us to schedule an appointment : +1 (408) 598-1831

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